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Genia Edelman

Many of us thought we were going to bless the lives of The Valentine Orphanage. What we didn't know is the kids were going to change our lives. Seeing the impact the people of Tanazania had on our kids was incredible. The children had so little material possessions but had so much love to share. The Valentine Orphanage truly is supported by a community of amazing God loving people who give unconditional love and welcomed us all with open arms. Being able to build a volleyball court to teach the children of the orphanage and secondary school was a dream come true. Seeing them playing, learning and bonding with our team of teenagers was so fulfilling. Sports for women are almost non exiting in Tanzania. It was a pleasure to work with Tabitha and David at the secondary school who started a sports program to include volleyball. This was definitely a God moment as neither of us knew the other existed and we both had a passion for helping women through sports. I'm so excited they are taking what they learned and continuing to coach these wonderful children. I can't wait to go back next year with my family and others to continue supporting this amazing mission. Please considering supporting The Valentine Project as this organization is changing the lives of many. My daughter Hannah and I will never be the same again.


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