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Frequently Asked Questions

How many children are there now?

We are currently caring for 28 loving children, however that number may change over time as we take in more children who are in need of our care. We do not focus as much on the number of children we take in but are more devoted to the quality of life and care we can provide for each child. At the Valentine Project we are a firm believer in whole child care. Survival is primary, but caring for a child goes beyond basic physical need and begs to nurture the emotional, spiritual and social life of the child. Therefore our goal first is to create the best whole child care possible that adheres to the Tanzanian culture and living standards, and then to create more compatible room for more children to thrive.

Around what ages are the children?

All children we currently care for are between the ages 3 - 10 and will stay with us until they enter into adulthood.

Are these children adoptable?

According to Tanzanian law, international adoptions are prohibited within the country. And even  if that was not the case, this organization was designed for the purpose of, providing a safe, family-like home for orphans in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Where were the children before they arrived at the Valentine Project?

Issues such poverty, disease, a pour maternal mortality and a host of other crises contribute to the epidemic number of three million orphans within Tanzania culture. The number has only grown since the Project's conception. Many of our own children came from desperate and life threatening situations that left them without proper care. we thank the lord that they were placed in our arms to be able to take in the identity of chosen and loved, as we believe all children are, and shed the identity of "alone."

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