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The Valentine home is a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve the orphaned children of Tanzania by providing a safe, family-like environment for the whole child to grow. Since 2014 we have provided shelter to over 26 orphaned children, holding high expectations that they will grow to be happy, successful, and fulfill their creative passions.

Ranging from ages circa 3-13 we provide all of our children weather-appropriate clothes, three meals a day, private schooling, tutoring, around the clock TLC, and full medical care 24/7. Accompanied by our onsite mamas and caretakers, these children are well loved and supported through their journies into adulthood. As they mature, we will make sure to gain access to higher education and vocational training where they can learn to express their passions and interests. Our hope is to raise and empower a new generation of Africans who can create businesses, work opportunities, and foster peace while spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

About Us: About Us

Our Story

Dr. Rick Vanderslice first went to Tanzania in 2006 on a medical mission lead by his local Hilton Head Island church. The experience for him was transformational. Rick returned the next year to the same small fishing villages to do more work. This second trip allowed Rick to spend more time and discuss parish issues with Archbishop Valentine Mokiwa. Over many discussions the enormity of need was apparent, however, the need to help orphans seemed to stand out. Rick told Mokiwa that he would do what he could. Upon Rick’s return home, the daily grind resumed, and life went on. The idea of an orphanage stayed in his thoughts as he pondered the quixotic task at hand. Rick says of the project, “It started with encouragement from my wife and clergy. It led to discussions with friends and acquaintances, all who responded enthusiastically. We then formed a board of people determined to take this idea as far as we could. Soon 22 kids will be living in a safe, loving environment. It has been a long journey to reach this point. The list of challenges has proven formidable...

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