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Come and Meet Our Family


Aisha is kind and loving. She has an easy going personality, and smiles a lot. As one of our older girls, she is a good role model for the younger children. She works hard, and is currently ranked 2nd in her class at school. We are very proud of her dedication to her studies, and the way she is always willing to help others.



This is Akram. He was a more frightened and angry child, not understanding his new environment and not wanting to share with anyone. He is now very well adjusted, and one of the hardest workers. He loves to help take care of the animals. He is a mixture of sweet and tough. He is not in school yet, but continues to work hard to get to that next level. His smile will melt your heart!

Our Family: Meet the Team


This is Brian. He is an amazing reader. He has been studying hard, and is in the top 10 of his first grade class. Brian is observant. He is a good listener, and is quick to learn new concepts. He tends to be quieter when in a group, but is much more talkative when given individual attention.



Dickson joined VCH in December of 2018. He wears his rosary every day. We are looking into the possibility of having him start school in Standard 1 now (mid year) instead of having to wait for January. He is very smart and perceptive.



This is Emman. He has been at VCH for a little over a year. He is 7 years old, and continues to work with our homeschool teacher to prepare for first grade. Emman loves to be part of any activity. He will follow you around smiling, just waiting to play a game, sing a song, or even help with a chore. He is very friendly and kind.



Enock used to be called Saidi, but changed his name when he was baptized. He can be serious and shy at times, but will also open up once he gets to know you better. He works hard at school, and is currently in the 2nd grade.

Esther Damian.jpg

Esther Damian

This is Esther Damian. She is 13 years old, and in the third grade. She came to VCH with her younger brother Samson. As our oldest child, she is a great role model and big sister to all the children. She is very dependable and honest, and works hard both at school and at home. She still likes to play and be a kid, but she also enjoys the responsibilities of being a caretaker to the younger children. She loves to sing.

Esther John.jpg

Esther John

This is Esther John. She came to VCH with her younger sister, Lucia. She is very observant of what goes on around her. She is quiet and reserved around new people, but very comfortable with her friends. As she gets to know you, she will open up and want to share a little more. Esther John is 9 years old and in the third grade. She works very hard to improve her academics. In first grade, she was 20th in her class. This year, she is 6th in her class. We are very proud for all of her accomplishments. She is kind-hearted, and very helpful around the home.

Esther Mateo.jpg

Esther Mateo

This is Esther Mateo. She arrived at VCH being known as Kulwa, along with her twin sister, Doto. At her baptism, she chose the new name of Esther, while her sister is now called Maria. Of the two girls, Esther is more serious. She is strong and athletic, and likes to play sports. She is turning 9 years old this year, and will be finishing second grade.



This is James. He is 9 years old. He is very perceptive, and does not miss a thing! One of his gifts is communication. You can ask James any question, and he always has a response. If he doesn’t know the exact answer, he will find an answer for you. I often refer to him as the “professor.” He is smart, kind, and caring. He also has a great sense of humor.



John loves to sing. Whenever the children are singing a group song, you can hear his voice over everyone else. He is not afraid to belt it out. John is a genuinely happy child. He smiles a lot and loves to play games. He is working hard to prepare for 1st grade next year.



This is Lightness. When she came to VCH, she was known as Nuru Mzee. At her baptism, she chose the new name of Lightness, which fits her bright and beautiful personality. Her smile can definitely light up a room. Lightness is 9 years old, and at the top of her third grade class. She works extremely hard in all areas of her academics, and is also a great helper around the Home. She is a wonderful spiritual role model and “big sister” to the other children.



This is Loveness. She came to the VCH when we first opened in 2015 because her mom was too sick to care for her. She was returned to her family a little over a year later when her mother’s health seemed to improve. She cried so much because she missed her brothers and sisters at VCH. Her family agreed that she should come back, so she returned a few weeks later. She is sweet and kind. She works hard and is starting 2nd grade this year. A year’s tuition is approximately $300. Every donation counts!!



This is Lucia. Lucia is one of our younger children. She was only 3 when she first came to VCH with her older sister, Esther John. Lucia was very shy—super quiet and kept to herself a lot. She was unsure of her new home. Now, Lucia is very secure and comfortable with her new family. She is funny and likes to make you laugh. She is very bright, and has started 1st grade this year at Stabella Academy. It has been such a joy to watch her come out of her shell and show her true personality!

Maria Mateo.jpg

Maria Mateo

This is Maria Mateo. She arrived at VCH being known as Doto, along with her twin sister, Kulwa. At her baptism, she chose the new name of Maria, while her sister is now called Esther. Maria is somewhat quiet until she gets to know you. She is very creative, and likes to play games. Maria is turning 9 years old this year, and will be finishing second grade.



This is Mariam. She is fun-loving, and always has a smile for you. She gets along with everyone, and is also happy when she’s playing by herself. When Mariam first came to VCH, she was sad and confused about her new home. She just wanted to be held all the time. Now, she is an independent, joyful child, and she spreads her joy around wherever she goes. Mariam is 8 years old. She is studying with our homeschool teacher to prepare for first grade. She is making great progress, and continues to work hard to reach her goals.



This is Nadia. She is 9 years old. She loves to pose for the camera, and has a beautiful smile. Nadia is quiet and content. She likes to be part of groups, but is also happy doing activities alone. She is making great progress in school, and is currently in second grade. Nadia is helpful and dependable. She can be very calm, and she also likes to dance around and have fun.



This is Nuru. Depending on the day, she can seem quiet and shy, or be very outspoken and expressive. She is very observant, and takes her time to get to know new people. Once she gets to know you, she loves to have individual attention. She is responsible and dependable, and easily plays the role of big sister in taking care of the younger children. Nuru is 10 years old, and in the third grade. She is ranked number 3 in her class. We are very proud of all her accomplishments, as she has worked hard to achieve them.



This is Olympia. She is the perfect mix of sweet and sassy. She is very resourceful, and can find a solution to any problem. Olympia has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. She also loves to make others laugh. She is very creative, and likes to make up new games. She is 8 years old, and in the first grade. She is a great communicator.



This is Samson. He is 7 years old, and working hard to get ready for first grade next year. He came to VCH with his older sister, Esther Damian. He was very quiet at first, and spent a lot of time listening and observing. He prefers to speak Swahili, but understands more English, and will try to speak if you ask him. He loves to make up games—especially if they include pirates and ninjas—to play with his friends.



This is Simon. He is truly a character, and he knows it! Simon was only 3 when he came to VCH. As far as we know, he has no family. When he came to VCH, his belly was very swollen and he had to be treated for parasites. He called everyone “mama.” Simon has made great progress and is in great health. His learning is slow and steady, and he continues to be taught on the VCH campus by our hired teacher. We hope he will be ready to start school next year. Most importantly, Simon knows he is loved and he now has a family of his own.



This is Stephano. He is 7 years old. He has the loudest and most contagious laugh! He is a bit of a jokester, and will even laugh at himself. Stephano loves to play, and can find something fun about every activity. He is imaginative and inventive. He has just started school, and is currently in the first grade.

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