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The Valentine Project

Whole Child Orphan Care

Our Mission is to serve the orphaned children of Tanzania by providing a safe, family-like environment for the whole child to grow. We hope to raise and empower a new generation of Tanzanians who can create businesses, jobs, opportunities and peace while spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

What We Provide


Clean, safe water, nutrition and proper medical care, including vaccinations are critical and a part of the total care that we provide for these children.  A solar powered well has been built through a Rotary International Global Grant.  Medical care is provided by the Anglican Clinic in Dar es Salaam.



At the compound livestock provide meat and dairy products, and produce grown by the children and staff provide nutrition and marketable goods for the community. All of these elements create an environment that fosters whole child development. We aim to raise children that are strong in their identity in Christ, discerning in their abilities, secure in their environment and prepared for lives of success and service. The compound will be their home forever; always welcoming them back and continuing as their families into the future. 



At the Valentine children’s home five “Mama’s” care for 26 children ages 4 to 12. Two Anglican nuns and three lay women compromise the full time care staff for the children. These Mama’s are responsible for the children’s everyday care; emotional, spiritual and physical. 



The children are taught life skills such as language, fiscal & vocational skills in a dynamic atmosphere that embraces learning and development in a multi-dimensional way. The staff aims to awaken the children's respect for themselves, their ability to self-express & their capacity for independent learning. 

There’s an old African proverb that says “it takes a village to raise a child.” Our Mother used this adage often when referring to Grace and I even before anyone in our family had stepped foot on the continent of Africa. We were so blessed to grow up with so many wonderful “villagers;” mentors, nannies, Godparents, teachers, friends.


Here at the Valentine Project we believe in the power of the village; that God uses the many to raise up the under-represented, under-loved, and under-served. Simply put, we believe the more, the merrier; more people with passion means more love lavished on children who so deserve it. When you become a part of the Valentine Project through giving, praying, caring, volunteering or missions, you are a part of the  village. We believe these children are ours but when you reach out,  they are yours too. The Bible says that pure religion, undefiled before  God is to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction. It is our duty and our privilege to make these hearts our own kin. Thank you for helping us raise our collective kids.


Welcome to the village!

Sarah Vanderslice

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