"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this:  to look after orphans and widows in their distress."  James  1:27

How many children now?


What age?


How many can you hold?

Our future plan is to be able to accomodate 100 children.

We will achieve this by building duplex style homes, with

10 children and 1 Mama residing on each side. 

How long will they live in the Valentine’s Home?

Our children will be with us until they enter adulthood. 

Can they be adopted?

No. These children are not adoptable; they are now part of a family with their Mama and 9 brothers and sisters at the Valentine Home. Tanzanian law does not facilitate international adoptions.

What happened to their parents? 

Malaria, Maternal Mortality, and HIV/AIDS are a few of the reasons that our children are no longer

with their birth parents. Extended family resources have also been exhausted in the majority of these c

ases as well.  

What is the government’s policy for orphans? 

The government of Tanzania does not support orphan care. They feel that the greater family should

take care of the children. 

How many orphans are there in Tanzania?

Over 2 million according to the UN

Where were the children before they arrived at the Valentine Project? 

Some children were abandoned by Mothers who could not take care of them.  Some were living with

Grandmothers or Aunts who were attempting to provide for 10 or more children. 

Tell me about the Mamas that care for the children. 

Each family within the home is made up of 10 children and a Mama.  Mamas are women who have been called to take care of these children. Currently, two of our Mamas are also Anglican nuns who have chosen to serve the Lord in this way..