"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this:  to look after orphans and widows in their distress."  James  1:27

Kravet Fabric Collection

The Rotary Club of Bahari- Tanzania and Vanlandingham Rotary- USA provided a solar powered well through a Rotary International Global Grant. Base funding for the project was achieved with contributions from over twenty Rotary Clubs in District 7770, Eastern South Carolina.

 Water Missions International – Tanzania built the safe water system.  They employ local Tanzanians and their mission is to provide clean, safe water to the needy in Tanzania. RC Bahari’s role in the Global Grant is vital to its success. Host Rotarians will assist WMI-T to provide health and hygiene education and micro-enterprise training to provide sustainability of the water systems.

 Rotary International’s Valentine Project Safe Water Global Grant 1528757 will service approximately 2500 orphans, students, faculty/staff and community members of Dar es Salaam who will benefit from access to clean, safe water. No one will ever be denied clean water by Valentine Project Safe Water on the basis of any bias.

The community, school administrators and local municipality have agreed to partner to provide the treatment system enclosure and help promote health and hygiene education. The Anglican Church of Dares Salaam, under the leadership of Archbishop Valentine Mokiwa, and the community surrounding the orphanage also understands that safe water fees will be collected for sustainable operation of the water treatment system.

Rotary Club and Water Missions

J Banks Design Group is thrilled to collaborate with Kravet for its first-ever fabric collection, Tanzania. Influenced by my many trips to Africa, Tanzania introduces a line of ethnic-inspired performance fabrics with graphically stunning patterns and textures. Each pattern presents a modern interpretation of traditional African tribal designs with a residential style and feel.

In 2009, two years after my husband’s medical mission trip to a remote island off of the coast of Tanzania, I embarked on my first trip to Africa. The varied, beautiful and colorful fabrics, buildings, animals and surroundings stayed with me long after each visit. I love the way the women mix patterns and fabrics as they cover their head from the sun or swaddle their babies on their backs.

As I traveled to Uganda, Rwanda, and Ghana, I became aware of how important the fabrics are to each individual country. Each region exhibits unique designs that are identifiable to them, thus inspiring the varied patterns and textures offered in Tanzania.

My trips eventually led to the creation of the Valentine Project, J Banks’ philanthropic efforts to build an orphanage in Dar es Salaam, slated to open its doors July 5. Working with local and international Rotary Clubs and charities, we are currently digging clean, filtered wells for the orphanage and setting up a chicken farm to provide a source of sustenance and income for the children and institution.

J Banks is proud of its work in Dar es Salaam and thankful to everyone’s support in making the Valentine Project a reality. Tanzania is an extension of my love and appreciation of the Tanzanian culture, and I am excited to share it with all of you!

 Thank you,

Joni Vanderslice

When I started my interior design company, and made the decision to call it “Crimson” Design Group, I did it because Crimson is the color of passion. From my husband and daughter, to my work and staff, and to my clients and community, I’m passionate about many things.  What else is on my list of personal passions is giving back.  From very early on, I wanted my company to make a difference in the world that lies beyond the small piece that we’re in daily contact with.  And so we had the idea to donate a portion of our earnings from each project, to a non-profit organization.  We saw how this idea could become a reality when we heard about The Valentine Project, and realized that what we could contribute would help build a home for the amazing children it serves.  Today, every time we see pictures of these kids-- happy and thriving-- at Valentine, we are so appreciative of the small part we got to play in their world.  It stands as a fantastic reminder to me, and to all of us at Crimson, that this big world is much smaller when we let our passion connect us to others.

Luis and Cheryl Stauffer of Crimson Design Group